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  3 månader sedan

I went to Aldi today to start to get the shopping for the weekend

Number one son was with me. A man barged passed him almost knocking him over and shouted wears your mask? Mark waved his lanyard at the man and said dont need one along with some expletives, they we both shouting you know giving it the big i am, but both looking very small in my eyes. I walked off embarrassed. Why do people get so cross I dont understand it. I know Mark had a breakdown almost two years ago but really get a grip son walk away. So silly dont you think?


  3 månader sedan
Funny you say that do you know this man in Tescos swore at us for taking the last smoked bacon! We were there minding our own business and picked up the pack and he came up and swore at us saying oh for F sakes and he had his wife and child with him who both walked away from him.
1 kommentarer


  3 månader sedan
Good old ALDI !
2 kommentarer


  3 månader sedan
They both needed to exercise self control Rose . There's no excuse for bad language in public . Face masks are required until tomorrow . That explains the bloke's anger , but not his behaviour .
3 kommentarer


  3 månader sedan
I think your son being knocked into like that and shouted at the person doing it was in the wrong so I can understand tempers being frayed. you say about why do people lose their rag..well we don't know what goes on in another persons life or if that was even intentional ie someone with a dislike for someone, people have even been gunned down in supermarkets.
1 kommentarer


  3 månader sedan
No this can happen with spur of the moment altercations as you describe Rosemary. It's only natural really.
1 kommentarer


  3 månader sedan
That's disgusting they should mind their own business Rose hope he's OK
1 kommentarer


  3 månader sedan
Everyone should mind their own business, no one should be shouted at for no reason
1 kommentarer


  3 månader sedan
No one should be shouted at. I have had some say why are you wearing that thing, but I will wear it as long as I want as in Scotland it is still the rules to wear them.
1 kommentarer


  3 månader sedan
The restrictions are being lifted tomorrow I believe so he shouldn't have to take that hassle anymore hopefully
1 kommentarer


  3 månader sedan
yes like the guy who attacked my brotherinlaw when he was walking his puppy..lost his rag over nothing at all and Nick said or did nothing aggressive -turns out the attacker was a probation officer..he's had a verbal warning from police only because there were no witnesses except his wife - a teacher!
1 kommentarer
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